Providing quality pool service and repairs is only part of what All About Pools have to offer. Our fully stocked store provides a reliable source for acquiring chemicals, parts, advice, toys and much more.



All About Pools provides expert service and repairs. Our certified pool technicians can troubleshoot, repair and maintain your pool for optimum performance.

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Pool Equipment Repair

When it comes to pool equipment repair you want to choose a professional. That's why you choose All About Pools. Our certified pool technicians are factory trained to handle any repairs on most models. All About Pools is more than just a pool service. Our store is stocked with everything you'll need to keep your pool clear, blue and ready for you. Our store also includes a physical working pool model for troubleshooting problems and training. If you don't know what that gadget does or you call it. Our pool equipment in store display is a great way to find out.

FREE Labor for Pool Cleaner Repair

When it comes to maintaining your pool it is imperative that your pool cleaner is operating at it's peak level. The elements, chemicals and abuse can reduce the effectiveness of how well a pool cleaner does it's job. All About Pools can do the in-house repairs you need at no labor cost to you. You pay for the parts and our qualified technician will evaluate, install and ensure a more productive pool cleaner. Because we understand how important a pool cleaner is to the health and life of your swimming pool, All About Pools makes every effort to have these repairs done within 24 hours from the time you bring your cleaner to our store. Getting your pools cleaning system back up and running is our goal. Come to our store today. Remember, our labor is free of charge.